My Financial Goal Is To

Travel The World

Make that dream holiday a reality. Visit places you’ve always wanted to see. Expand your life experiences.

Buy A Home

Tired of your existing living arrangements? Take the first step in getting your dream home.

Get An Education

The best investment you can ever make is an investment in yourself and your children.

Build A Safety Net

When you are faced with financial hardship, make sure that you have some cash stashed away.

Tax Free Saving

Make use of this very generous tax efficient investment vehicle and achieve your goals sooner.

Save For Retirement

Make provision for comfortable and carefree golden years by starting early.

What Makes Us Different

Goal-Based Investments That Suit You

We’re doing investments in a whole new way. It’s not about risk but rather what you need the money for and most importantly when you need it.

All Your Investments In One Place

Keep track of not only your WealthPro investments but also any other investments you have by automatically and securely connecting your account to our innovative software.

Get Advice From Financial Advisors

You have the power to make your own financial decisions but you can always speak to one of our trusted advisors to help you make the right financial decisions to suit you.

Start Investing From R500 Per Month

Don’t feel like you’re in a position to start investing? Thanks to WealthPro you can now invest from as little as R500 per month and start building your investment portfolio.

How It Works

Watch the video

Set your first financial goal

Identify your financial goal using one of our predetermined categories. Once selected use our calculator to determine how and when you want to achieve the goal.

Complete and sign your documentation online

Once you are ready to start investing we will structure an investment consisting of active and passive unit trust portfolios. Your investment will be made without having to sign and fax documentation.

Track your goal

You will be able to view your investment at anytime and we will continuously track and monitor how close you are to achieving your goal to live the life of your dreams.

Help Centre

WealthPro uses bank level security protocols to protect all sensitive information about yourself. This is the same safety feature that South African banks use in their internet banking services. WealthPro will never disclose your information to anyone without your consent.
WealthPro has partnered with Morningstar, a world renowned investment research firm, to identify and build tailor made investment portfolios for users. When a goal is identified and the investment horizon selected, WealthPro will build a portfolio focussing on the correct asset allocation for the investment. You will clearly see the unit trusts managers and portfolios we recommend during the investment overview.
WealthPro with the help of Morningstar build model portfolios for the users using the best available portfolio managers available in South Africa. All investments are processed by Allan Gray on their Linked Investment Platform.
WealthPro are serious about appropriate and transparent fees. We understand the impact fees have on the user and continually strive to drive fees lower. All fees will be clearly identified and disclosed to the user. The fees applicable will be split between WealthPro, Allan Gray and the different portfolio managers. Our fees will on average be substantially lower than the market average. By saving fees you are enabled to achieve your goal more quickly.
We are confident that we at WealthPro will be able to achieve a higher return at a lower level of risk and at a reduced fee. Switching your other investments to WealthPro will be a swift and convenient process. Send us a message and the team at WealthPro will guide you through the process.
We are confident that you will be sufficiently impressed with us to assist you in managing your wealth. At anytime you can contact one of our professional and experienced financial advisors that will be able to assist with any question you might have. A professional support team is also there to assist. Just send us a message and we will reply shortly.

Units that are still being priced in (i.e. a price is still being determined), units that recently switched between funds (and the price is still being fixed) and units that are bought via a monthly debit order (the last two months – this is a requirement to minimise money laundering risks) are known as blocked units.

Blocked units can’t be transacted on until the block is lifted. For switched units it is only 1-2 working days. For new contributions that are done via a debit order it is 45 days. As such the last two months contributions are not immediately available but will become available after the 45 day period.

As an example : If you contribute R500 per month then you will contribute on the 1st of January R500 and the 1st of February another R500. January’s R500 contribution will only become available from 16 February. Please remember to plan accordingly.

Our Fees Are Always Transparent

With WealthPro you can rest assured that you’ll always know exactly what you’re paying for.


No Initial Fees


Below Market Average

Institutional Fee Classes

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